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Based in Colorado, USA

My breakout into the world of video production took place when I was only about 7. Often I barricaded myself in my room to act out stories with my many action figures. But on this particular day I decided to use the family camcorder to document my tales. Probably to send to George Lucas for new ideas. Little did I know, that the tape I was recording  onto already had hours and hours of precious family moments, gone forever, replaced by a saga of Luke Skywalker and a T-Rex. 

Fast forward a few years to Thomas Jefferson High School, where I rediscovered my passion for video production. (Without the trauma of erasing significant moments in your family history). I attended the University of Colorado in Boulder, graduating with a BA in film history and BFA in film production. My professional career began at Citizen Pictures, a production studio in Denver, where I cut my teeth as an assistant editor and evolved into a passionate editor.

Colorado has been my home my entire life. When I’m not working on a project, you can usually find me outside; climbing, fishing, mountain biking, or running. And, just as my family built a little mountain cabin at the base of Black Mountain, I started a company honored by the same name. I work on projects in all stages of development and am always happy to collaborate on productions of all types. Whether I can help from behind the lens or in front of the screen, I’d love to talk more about how I can help digitize your vision.

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His name was Old Mose. During the turn of the 19th century, he terrorized the people of Fremont County, Colorado; killing livestock, household pets, and, as rumor had it, as many as 40 men. In 1904, after years of scourge, he was finally taken down on the side of Black Mountain. Weighing in at almost 800 pounds, it took a professional hunter, 15 hunting dogs, and 6 bullets to bring down the great grizzly bear. 

Grizzly’s have since disappeared from the mountains of Colorado. But Black Mountain still stands at 11,650 feet tall in the remote South Park Hills of Colorado. Most visitors would never drive past, and even many Coloradans don’t know its name; its most noteworthy historical claim being the location of Old Mose’s last stand. But nestled in-between the aspens and pines at the base of the mountain, is a small wood cabin; built by my father, grandfather and uncles. And it’s been our family getaway in the shadow of Black Mountain ever since.

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