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Moving Line is the story of three men as they seek to cement their names in the ski history books, and then stumble into something much more profound: their passion for creating art. Their successful ski expedition in 1978 was the first of its kind, following the Continental Divide through Colorado for 500 miles, and helping to map the Colorado Trail. But by the time the group arrived at the end of their adventure, they had realized they had been chasing the same feeling anyone who spends enough time in the mountains is chasing: creative inspiration. Moving Line juxtaposes colorful imagery of the skiers’ artworks to stark and stunning original photographs of mountains never before shot in winter. By combining these images with interviews of the skiers, now in their seventies and eighties, the audience is exposed to a welcomed diversity in age often missing in adventure movies, and reminded of the passion that mountains and outdoor experiences can ignite in all of us. The result is a 30-minute documentary short that will inspire audiences to get outside and create art. 

Coming 2024!

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